Dear Sean Spicer,

The first day of a new job is hard. Period.

This is especially true when you are Press Secretary for an administration that believes a Tweet is news and facts are inherently political.

But you are Press Secretary of an administration that promised accountability and transparency. You’ve promised changed.

Instead you took to your podium for the first time to bash the media. Your first statements were not about protecting core American values or American families. Ranting against ‘the media’ is business as usual. It isn’t change. If you want us to believe you, speak only with facts. If you want to prove you are above ‘fake news,’ start rising above it.

You are new to this position, so here are some alternative ways that you can bring truth to the podium next time you address the American people and the press corps:


Your new President is terrified of the truth. Period.


This administration does not believe civil rights, climate change and LGBT rights are worth protecting. Period.


Your new President wants to regulate gender norms. Period.


Your new President doesn’t believe in basic science. Period.


Your new President says he will bring ‘change’ to Washington but believes in traditional structures of oppression. Period.


Your new President admitted to sexual assault and does not have the ability to control himself around ‘beautiful women’. Period.


Your new President does not believe in answering questions in a straightforward manner. Period.


Your new President is terrified of Nasty Women. Period.


Your new President perfected the fake news movement with Birtherism. Period.


As Trump said in his inaugural address, “everyone is listening to you now.”
America is listening to you now as well, Mr. Spicer and the rest of the White House staff. Want to speak the truth for a change candidate? Start doing it now. Period.


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